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           red earth radio syndicated shows aired                                                                            

           with host Ryan Daniels at friday 11 pm est

          with hosts Big D, Voxxy, on One, Squeeze and Patrick Galactic at Sun - 8 pm, thur - 2 pm, Sat - 2 pm est

         with host Jackie Kajzer at Saturday 8 pm (est

            with host cutter at saturday 10 pm est
            with host dave castagno at thurs - 7 pm
                         fri - 3 pm, sat - 7 pm est


         with host moose Jaques at sunday 8:00 pm est

           with host andrew the axeman at wed 10 pm est

                      with host curtis at wed - 12 pm noon
                            fri - 8 pm, sat - 4 pm est

         with host michael bernier, co-host big ben and
                              green minute kristen
         mon - 12 am, thurs - 3 pm, sat - 12 pm (noon)est

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